Monday, December 17, 2012

Some of the custom pieces I've been working on......

I've been working and working on custom orders.
I loved creating this fun little lamb for a little
one's first Christmas (last year).
This was my first time painting on a Christmas ornament.
It's hard to see it from all angles but I think it's fun!
 My family is full of fisherman so this was
fun to do as well.  I think this is my first ever fish ornament!
 A custom watercolor painting for an old friend.  I painted
another one several years ago with wings and she wanted this one to 
be similar to that.
 This was a set of nine grandchildren that were
sent off to Malta a few weeks ago.

 A lovely couple!

My first truck ever!  And maybe my last....
Lot's of ornaments and paintings were created as well.  
Thanks to everyone who asked us to help create something
special for your loved ones for Christmas. We hope you
have a great Holiday Season!