Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cake Toppers in action....

We've been so lucky to have 
gotten some great
photos of our 
wedding pieces from our

It's so much fun to see 
our cake toppers in action!
I love how they have the 
cake designed to 
compliment the colors on our
wedding birds.

These birds were custom 
made for a forest wedding.
 Fun little nut topped cake!
Our rabbits look so sweet on this 
sugary pink cake.
We love it when we get photos and we are 
so happy to be a part of their big day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Woodland Wedding.....

I was married almost 13 years ago at a beautiful spot on the ocean. 
 I had always dreamed of getting married on a beach and it was  
everything I wanted and hoped for.  I'm attracted to watery colors, 
the texture of sand and the warm beach breezes.  

I also happen to love all things woodland and think this would make
 a lovely wedding theme. 
I can imagine using burlap, birch bark and moss in all of my designs.
We have created a new line of cards that coordinate with our
wedding cake toppers.  Each one features
an original watercolor design and go great with our
mushroom cake topper.

I would set my cake on a simple wooden pedestal that I would 
make myself... like this one.
The groom could wear a boutonniere like this in red.
We offer these in several different colors and I think the groomsmen 
would look great with similar ones in an off white or beige.
Wouldn't these finds make a fabulous wedding? 

Come check out our wedding shop for more inspiration!