Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Something for me!

What started out as a button from my Grandmother and a ring from my mother
turned itself into a new fabulous ring thanks to the great Jen, at Quench Metalworks.

I wanted a new, modern ring that I could wear everyday.  I love the jewelry made from this Maine artist
and the way she worked with vintage buttons made me want to recycle my piece and add my own vintage button.  

She was really easy to work with and I am so pleased with how it turned out!

I now have a beautiful piece that I can wear that represents my Gram and my Mom.  My plan is
to pass it onto my daughter someday.

 It is just so great and I'm so happy with her design.  Super simple and beautifully made.  What a beautiful treat for myself!  She doesn't do a lot of custom work so I'm happy she 
was able to squeeze me in to her schedule.  Take a look at her shop and you may just find a 
piece for yourself!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Custom Piece....

A customer asked for a mommy 
mermaid similar to one we sold 
a few months ago.  She wanted it to have the 
mommy holding both a boy and a girl and 
I was happy to make it happen.
I just can't resist a good mermaid!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Spring Folk Art pieces....

We have made a few new spring pieces using primarily shades of
turquoise, chocolate, nutmeg, vanilla, orange, green and lemon.  
This is a fun bunny boy going fishing with a carrot on his hook.
He has little wire whiskers and stands on a "mound" of grass.
A twist on our original spring piece that can be customized with any 
phrase or a family name.  This piece has wire leaves and a 
yellow chick that stands on letter blocks.
A smiling folk art frog with his wicker basket full of
spring blooms.
Using his wooden stick to make his way safely through
the hillside.
A creamy vanilla colored bunny with a carrot in 
one hand and a flag in the other.
The flag says "grow", just in time for spring.
These pieces were requested by a "how to" holiday magazine so if 
they make it you may learn how to create them yourself!