Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Snowmen Spindles....

 Christmas has come and gone and so has the snow.  
Today it has been raining hard and washing away all of the white stuff.....
We did get a chance to get out and play in it and it was fabulous before it left.
Each of our three children got new sleds and we had a great time 
playing and sliding with cousins, aunts, uncles and parents.
I can say we had the best weather to hike back to the cabin in the
"forest" to have a cozy little cookout while the snow fell around us. 
They day really could not have been more perfect unless Kirsten could have
shared it with us. We tried to roll a giant snowball but it was 
not the snowball making, type of snow.
I had a great time making these spooly snowmen too. 
I got the spindles here and I think I  bought all she had left! 
I'm going to have to make more because they were so much fun! 

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