Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wedding Bliss......


I was happy to be involved with a wedding for Sarah and Chad.  
Sarah is a lovely girl and we started off skating together when 
we were young, then I was her babysitter, and THEN I was her 
skating coach.  She asked me to make some jars for her wedding 
that had a chalkboard surface and then I stenciled on top of the 
black chalk paint.  Each stencil had the couples names and their 
wedding date.  We tied on a piece of chalk and a little written note 
asking people to take them home as a wedding favor.  

Her colors were a lovely blue and raspberry.  She decorated with 
beautiful blue hydrangia's and had vases at each table.  
I also painted 8 metal trash cans that were scattered around on her 
parent's amazing property where the wedding was held outside.  

The cans all lined up before we brought them to the wedding venue.
I painted these in several different stages and luckily I always had great weather to paint 
them outside.  
a close up of one of the cans. My favorite part of painting is
highlighting and making shadows during the final stage.  I also love to 
add the fine details such as the petals and see it all come together.
My 3 yr. old son Jack who was enjoying his raspberry champagne
gelato on the sunny wedding day.  

I hope the two of you have an amazing Happily Ever After.

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  1. I love the garbage cans. Pretty fancy and what a novel idea.