Thursday, September 1, 2011

Live art auction...

I painted this acrylic painting for the Paint Presque Isle event in my hometown over the weekend. 
It is of my parents potato barn which is very typical of where I'm from.  
 The auction helps to fund art programs in the community and the art auction raised over 10,ooo dollars.
I don't get a chance to paint often anymore but it sure is fun, especially when I get to spend the day with my family.  My brother and sister came up for the event that was tied to a hot air balloon festival. We got our folks a ride in a ballon for their birthdays this year and they loved it!  I think my husband and I may go up next year because it looked like so much fun!


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  1. Love the painting Cortney. The colors are lovely. It's fun to do something that you haven't done in awhile. I've just started painting again and am enjoying it too. My first love is sculpting but painting is coming in second. Have a great week.