Friday, September 23, 2011

New from the Studio....

 new crow trio
 new Black Cat Blank greeting cards
new Trick or Treat crow blank greeting cards.....
and more to follow!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fun Project!

A fun customer is working on a project
and she wanted us to be a part of it!   She is
repurposing this table and chair into a neat art piece.  
This is a photo of the project 

and this is a photo of the table AFTER:
she has been working with an Ohio artist from Rush Tree Mosaics.
She wanted to have us be a part of the chair and asked us to make
a few mermaids to add to the chair back.  This is just 
going to be an art piece and no one will be sitting in it. 
We can't wait to see the finished product!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pumpkin Heads in the new issue of CELEBRATE 365

We are so happy to be a part of the new issue of 
CELEBRATE 365 magazine 
which is a magazine for the ornament enthusiast.  
This is the super fabulous cover by artist, Linda Apple.
Here's her web address:
These are our pumpkin head ornaments that
are shown on page 43.
Our little trio right there on the bottom of the page.  
I'm so excited to get my copy and look at
the rest of the fun and spooky pieces!
Get yourself a copy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wedding Bliss......


I was happy to be involved with a wedding for Sarah and Chad.  
Sarah is a lovely girl and we started off skating together when 
we were young, then I was her babysitter, and THEN I was her 
skating coach.  She asked me to make some jars for her wedding 
that had a chalkboard surface and then I stenciled on top of the 
black chalk paint.  Each stencil had the couples names and their 
wedding date.  We tied on a piece of chalk and a little written note 
asking people to take them home as a wedding favor.  

Her colors were a lovely blue and raspberry.  She decorated with 
beautiful blue hydrangia's and had vases at each table.  
I also painted 8 metal trash cans that were scattered around on her 
parent's amazing property where the wedding was held outside.  

The cans all lined up before we brought them to the wedding venue.
I painted these in several different stages and luckily I always had great weather to paint 
them outside.  
a close up of one of the cans. My favorite part of painting is
highlighting and making shadows during the final stage.  I also love to 
add the fine details such as the petals and see it all come together.
My 3 yr. old son Jack who was enjoying his raspberry champagne
gelato on the sunny wedding day.  

I hope the two of you have an amazing Happily Ever After.

a blog from South Africa....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Live art auction...

I painted this acrylic painting for the Paint Presque Isle event in my hometown over the weekend. 
It is of my parents potato barn which is very typical of where I'm from.  
 The auction helps to fund art programs in the community and the art auction raised over 10,ooo dollars.
I don't get a chance to paint often anymore but it sure is fun, especially when I get to spend the day with my family.  My brother and sister came up for the event that was tied to a hot air balloon festival. We got our folks a ride in a ballon for their birthdays this year and they loved it!  I think my husband and I may go up next year because it looked like so much fun!