Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our new "31 Gang" series.....

Dudley is a creepy little snowman don't you think? 
 He likes to creep around with his "gang" of hoodlums.... 
especially during October.
This is Buddy who is just plain silly. 
Morty is an awkward kind of skelly.  
He tries to be spooky but he's just shy.
Oh boy!  And then there is Frank.  I'd just stay
 as far away
as I could if I were you.
This is Chester.  He is a sneaky little
 devil....can't you see it in his eyes?
And lastly this is Gordon.    

These are some limited edition pieces for our 2011 Halloween Collection.  Take a look!  Should we add a few more?  If so.....what should they be?  A which?  A creep?

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