Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Like snails?

Want to win this cute pair?  

Just let us know why you like these snails and what you would do with them.  
If we like your story you may just win this cute pair!
Just leave us a comment either here or on our facebook page: 
by July 17th!



  1. Oooh I can tell you exactly WHY I want these. My daughter Ruby who is 7 and goes on every backroad excursion, geocaching with us in the woods, has become completely obsessed with snails, the different shapes and sizes. Yesterday she found one on a tree about the size of a quarter and she came out of her shell, showing off her little "horns, eyes" I don't know what all they have. When she was done playing she put her back on the tree and said "Goodbye Snaily, go home."
    WHat I would do with these is surprise our son and daughter with them on top of dessert on the deck, we just hit finding 500 geocaches and are camping this weekend at GEOWOODSTOCK, hoping to hit 750:)
    plus I love your work:)

  2. What would I do with these snails? Perfect cake topper for my mum and dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary which is coming up soon. My dad has always been such a snail as it takes him forever to anything! Sue x