Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Favorites.....

I've been really busy in my studio lately getting started on some Halloween pieces early this year.  Halloween is one of our busiest times and pieces sell all year round but start BIG time in early August.  Since my twin and business partner is an art teacher, she gets her summers off and she will soon start helping me with our Halloween originals and favorites.  I have been peeking around and have come up with a few spooky favorites by some of my favorite artists....
This piece comes from here, from a neat artist Becca.  I just bought a great little "creepling" that is blue and amazing!  I cant' wait to add it to my Halloween tree!
This spooky guy can be bought here at cartbeforthehorse.  I've been a fan of these softies since they were featured sellers on Etsy.  They also happen to have a great spread in the new issue of "Prims" magazine that we were also published in.  
This great piece can be found here.  I'm a sucker for all things black, white and stripy!

And this one reminds me of myself and my twin.  This comes from the super talented Doreen Kassel who makes the most amazing pieces!  I'm just in awe when I see her new pieces.  


  1. What a wonderful suprise! Thank you for featuring my Devil Creepling! Boy he's in great company with several of my favorite artists too. It's really a treat & honor coming from you Courtney! Thanks bunches! :) Becca

  2. I just love Halloween! Wow, you have to prep that far ahead? Who knew? I was born 4 days before Halloween, so it's one of my favorite holidays :)

  3. Good for you for being such an early bird! I haven't even started thinking about Halloween yet. Guess I should.
    Thanks for shining the spotlight on our skelly! He does enjoy being the center of attention :)