Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Like Mermaids......

I've been dreaming of mermaids and have made a few.  This one is my newest.

Here are some of my favorites from other talented artists....
an original painting on cut wood

a great acrylic painting

this great sculpted piece
and this wood mounted painting.


  1. I, too, love mermaids. I have some in my home and have included them in my upcoming books. I really like the mermaid painting on cut wood you have featured here. It's very pretty!

  2. Thanks Belva! I made one for my bathroom that is similar. I hope to make more someday!

  3. We are a pro-mermaid family :) Who doesn't love the muses of the ocean!

  4. The baby merperson is especially adorable but the others are wonderful too, each in its own way. I agree with AlyGatr, who doesn't love the muses of the ocean!