Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Day!

We are supposed to get a snowstorm here on Friday.  I like snow...I really do.  Even though we live WAY up north we haven't had much of the white stuff. Our winters are supposed to be cold and snowy and when I look out into my yard I can still see grass. IT'S JANUARY!  We aren't supposed to have grass..
As the mom of three little kids we have to find active things to do in the winter.  We have about 3 acres here and some of it is an open field with a bit of a slope.  Our kids have always loved to go out and go sliding or snowboarding out there.  The problem is...we just don't have enough snow!  I'm really wishing for a storm so we can do these fun winter things.
1. go sliding!
2. make a snow fort or igloo
3. Skate on our backyard rink
4. go snowshoeing
5. sit by the fire...drink coffee and hot cocoa and watch the flakes dance

But...while I'm waiting for snow I will continue to create snowmen.  I love to make these guys and play with accessories and facial expressions.

 I'm thinking about doing more folk art paintings and mixed media paintings and this has inspired me.  If I can find more time between the kids, the home reno's and my art I will get some paint to canvas soon!

and these great, creative pieces from a fabulous artist Johanna Parker from Johanna Parker Designs.  You can find more of her work here: http://johannaparkerdesign.com/gallery-Christmas-2010.htm
and this cute snowman ornament from folk artist Linda Silverthorne: 
In her artist profile she says:  I love holidays! Vintage inspired, glittery, over the top decorating. Christmas and Halloween are probably my faves. Fun and whimsy are what I try to create with my work. 

Definitely whimsical don't you think?  

Well.....I'm waiting for my snowy weekend.  What is your favorite snowy activity?

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  1. I too love the snowy guys! Not so much the snow - after being snowed in for a week here in Georgia I say bring on the sunshine. Did do some sledding and made a snowman, which is rare in our neck of the woods. Thanks for the feature! L.